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Mission, Vision, Values


Our Mission

MaineGeneral Health's mission is to enhance, every day, the health of the people in the greater Kennebec Valley.


Our Vision

MaineGeneral Health's vision is to be the leading community health care system in Maine, recognized for clinical excellence, customer satisfaction, financial stability and impact on community health.


MGH RESPECT Values and Standards

At the heart of MaineGeneral are our RESPECT Values and Standards, which guide how we treat each other and those we serve. All MaineGeneral employees, at all levels, are expected to abide by these Values and Standards and hold each other accountable for treating people with RESPECT.

  • R - Respect: Treat everyone with dignity and consideration. Treat patients, families, and fellow employees the way you would like to be treated.
  • E - Excellence: Demand the best of yourself. Maintain a high standard of ethical behavior and personal expertise in the performance of your work.
  • S - Service: Recognize that you are here to serve. To do so, you must understand and meet the needs of patients, families and fellow employees and strive to exceed their expectations.
  • P - Professionalism: Project a positive image of the organization through actions, words and appearance.
  • E - Empathy: Take time to listen and understand what people are experiencing.
  • C - Communication: Communicate effectively by listening attentively and speaking with sensitivity and honesty in a clear and direct manner.
  • T - Teamwork: Acknowledge that in working together the team is able to accomplish more than you can individually.

To learn more our RESPECT Values and Standards, please click here.

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